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things to keep in mind when designing enamel pins

Enamel pins are definitely the most accomplishing item to receive but, the process of getting them ready for production can cause a bit of a headache. Some of the most important things to keep in mind when designing your pin are

- line thickness

- color choice

- uniqueness

Thin lines on any pin design will lead to a higher defect rate. The process of these pins being made includes each section being filled by hand. Small sections are bound to have missing spots.

Pantones are your best friend when designing your pin. To choose the closest pantone to your color of choice you may use the official pantone website or the pantone swatch tool built into photoshop. If you're not sure about how the colors will turn out you may ask your manu to make one pin as a color sample.

There is a plethora of creators online bringing their visions to life. When coming up with your design you should always do some preliminary research to see if your idea has already been done or if there is an audience for it. Websites I recommend to look through are Etsy and sometimes a simple google search can prove to be enough. There is an audience for almost anything so in this case using social media to market as best you can is preferred.